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Workload Review Reports

Posted on: April 11th, 2016

Lauren Costello (B&W)

Lauren Costello OBE

Managing Director

Chair of the Data Management Review Group


Courage, tenacity, integrity and commitment take many forms in the educational landscape. As system leaders and practitioners we have never had a greater opportunity to effect change for the better across the whole system than we do right now in response to the Workload Challenge.

As a profession, we must continue to build on the work of the Commission on Assessment Without Levels, we must further develop and commit to ‘the presumption for partnership’ recommended in the 2015 National College for Teaching and Leadership fellowship commission. We must commit to being part of the solution through living out the principles recommended in the three reports by recognising that we are at the start of a longer journey, a deeper conversation and the first tentative steps of long-term systemic change.

We must seize the opportunity to take greater control of capturing what we value about our schools. We must change the rhetoric around information relating to the judgement of school effectiveness. We must insist on broader professional pedagogical conversations where data is a component part, not a driver, and where trust is returned to practitioners and headteachers.

It was these universal principles that brought the many educational professionals around the table to debate, challenge and explore the issues and burdens that have built up around data management. I thank them unreservedly for the passion and commitment that they displayed during the timeframe of the group.

It was an honour to be part of such an important piece of work and we now hand our thinking over to all agents of change wherever you may be located within the system. We call on you to identify your part in delivering what could be a transformational change for current and future practitioners and protect what we hold dear about our profession, improving the life chances of our children because we are trusted to do what is best, not to collect meaningless data to prove it.

Eliminating unnecessary workload associated with data management report download here

Eliminating unnecessary workload around marking report download here

Eliminating unnecessary workload around planning and teaching resources report download here



“I want to start by thanking you, and the members of the groups you have led, for the contribution you make today to the lives of teachers and school leaders across the country. It is clear that the groups, made up of serving teachers and head teachers amongst other experts, understand the reality of teaching and offer suggestions based on real experience.”

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