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Charlotte Christie

Chairs committee (Chair)

Charlotte has been the chair of governors of West Kidlington Primary School since the school joined The White Horse Federation in May 2017, having worked with the school in the previous year, chairing its IEB. She was elected chair of TWHF chairs group in July 2018.

Originally, Charlotte trained and worked as a primary teacher, before working for more than 20 years in local education authorities. She is now an independent education consultant, working mainly with academy trusts and school governors to develop high-quality school management and leadership.

Charlotte has always been supportive of schools offering the broadest possible curriculum to give children and young people rich experiences during their school life. As a result, she is also chair of a recently established trust running an outdoor education centre near Oxford.

Charlotte brings extensive and diverse experience in education to The White Horse Federation’s board of trustees, as well as her passion for the growth and development of children.


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