Nick Van Zeller

Finance and People committees

For most of his working life, Nick has been with Knight Frank, an international property partnership with around 400 offices in some 50 countries that employs around 14,000 people. During this time, he has developed skills in valuations, legal matters, planning, and marketing.

His most recent role is head of Knight Frank’s residential business in the UK, which means he is responsible for more than 30 profit centres. As a consequence of this appointment, and those before it, Nick’s attributes include:

  • An innate ability to negotiate and manage people.
  • A desire to, in the main, be collaborative, which was borne out of necessity having been part of a relatively small partnership for 18 years.
  • Strategic thinking and managing change and expansion.
  • The ability to have maintained an honourable and skilled reputation in a very competitive environment.


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