Simon Cowley

Primary Director

Simon is The White Horse Federation’s Primary Director. He is responsible for the outcomes of primary pupils across the Trust and ensuring that every child achieves their full potential.

Simon joined The White Horse Federation in September 2014, having successfully led Haydon Wick Primary School in Swindon to an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted grade in 2013.

He is a National Leader of Education. In this role, Simon has supported the leadership teams of several vulnerable schools to raise standards and improve their Ofsted grades to a minimum if ‘Good’. He has also worked as the executive headteacher of a federation consisting of three schools.

In another of his roles, teaching schools council representative for the South West, Simon was instrumental in establishing regional networks for teaching schools across the region. The networks now enable teaching schools, local authorities, and the Regional School’s Commissioner team to work more collaboratively on school improvement plans.

In the past, Simon has worked with the Department of Education, providing guidance on how to reduce teacher workload with regards to data management. He is also an advocate for Values-based Education (VbE) and strongly believes VbE enables students to become thinking, self-responsible, and caring citizens. Simon is a VbE associate and supports schools within The White Horse Federation to develop their approach to VbE.


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