CEO Book Club 2019

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Welcome to the
CEO Book Club 2019

Welcome to this year’s CEO Book Club, which in its second year might now be considered to be an annual event.

The purpose of these events is to meet as peers, but with the addition of a potential leader of the future to share and explore ideas around a particular theme. This year, we will be looking at “values” and how they are an inherent part of all that we do.

More important, though, is the subtext of such meetings, in which we meet and work with colleagues from across the organisation and from different sectors of our business. It’s about better understanding each other, and The White Horse Federation, through shared experiences to create a shared ambition for everyone we work with and the communities we serve. I really do hope you enjoy the day.

Best wishes
Dr Nicholas Capstick

This Year's Theme

Carrying on our thematic approach, this year we are going to move from the five Q’s, which are the characteristics of leading, to the five C’s, which should underpin the five Q’s.

The “Five C’s” reflect the values and characteristics of good leaders, and the values-base upon which any good organisation should thrive. They come from the top and are reflected in every nuance, every word, and every bit of body language as they are models of behaviour required in effective leadership, which then become habitual across an organisation.

The Five C's

  • Connection
  • Caring
  • Critical
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Conviction, Commitment & Courage

Thank you for participating!

We look forward to next year's edition of the CEO Book Club and hope to see you again.

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