IT Support

I can’t access my virtual learning platform. What should I do?

If you’re having problems accessing your school's virtual learning platform, or need a new/reset login, please use the reset password link that can be found on the login screen of the virtual learning platform.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact The White Horse Federation IT support team by emailing [email protected]. Please be aware that, due to the high volume of requests we’re receiving at this time, we may take longer than usual to respond to your request.

I can’t access the links included in a message from my child’s school. What should I do?

If you are unable to access links sent by your child’s school, or on the Teacher to Parent app, please contact the school directly. To raise an issue, problem, or request you will need to email [email protected]. For primary schools which use purple mash, please email all enquiries to [email protected]. When submitting your ticket please were possible provide the following information:

- Your name

- Your school

- Detailed information about the issue, problem, or request. The questions below may not be relevant to all requests but please consider answering them to help with diagnosis.

When did this happen?

What happened

What were you doing at the time?

Why do you need this?

How is the issue or problem stopping you from completing any work?

Is this the only issue or has this occurred due to a smaller issue?

I have children at a primary school and we can’t log into purple mash. What do we do?

A. In the first instance please try to reset your password by clicking forgot password, it this doesn’t work please email [email protected] Please note this is for purple mash queries only and you will need to supply your child’s First name, last name, class and/or year group with school.

Can our children video call their teacher?

Our SLT and IT Team are currently exploring ways in which we can use digital media platforms to support online learning and to ensure it is safe for all concerned. We are waiting on more guidance from the DfE to ensure we implement solutions that are secure and safe but this may take some time to roll out. Once a solution is in place we will update all parents and students as in these unprecedented times we want to ensure we can continue with teaching but we need to ensure it's inclusive and safe.

Can we have our teachers email address?

At this time we are not providing teachers email address as we are waiting for guidance as described above.