FAQs about Key Workers

What are ‘key workers’?

The government defines key workers as employees who work in health and social care, education and childcare, key public services, local and national government, food and other necessary goods, public safety and national security, transport, and utilities, communication, and financial services.

For more in-depth information about ‘key worker’ status, please review the government’s guidelines.

What happens if both of my child’s parents are key workers?

If two adults in your household are ‘key workers’, you can apply to send your child into school. Please note that, to verify your status as a key worker, evidence in the form of a work ID may be required.

I’m not a key worker. Can I send my child to school?

Children should remain at home and out of school unless there is no other alternative. If any adult in the household works from home, then your child must stay at home.

Please note, however, that you shouldn’t rely on childcare from those who are advised to self-isolate, such as grandparents or friends and family members with underlying health conditions.

If my child is unable to stay at home, will they attend their school as normal?

In some cases, the school your child will attend during the COVID-19 pandemic will not be their usual school. When your school contacts you in response to your key worker application, they will advise you if this is the case.

What happens if my child is only able to stay at home at certain times?

We understand that, due to shift work and other circumstances, key workers’ ability to look after children at home may change during the week and overtime. You can communicate this directly to a member of staff when you drop off your child or, if your child is currently at home, let us know through the chat function on the school website.

I have registered as a key worker, but my child is now able to stay at home. What should I do?

If you have registered your child for a place as a key worker but no longer need this, please contact us through live chat, available on all our schools’ websites, so that this can be communicated to the school.

Has additional transport been arranged for children still attending school?

No, there is not any additional school transport being put on for children of key workers, so please use your own or public transport.

I’m a key worker who needs childcare but the school is closed. What should I do?

Following the government announcements, we've taken the decision to close the school until further notice. Where possible, we will seek to assist you with placing your child(ren) into childcare. As per the DfE guidance, please contact your local authority who will also be able to provide you a list of alternative locations.

I’m a key worker and my child needs to stay in school. How do I apply?

Please complete and submit the key worker questionnaire, which can be found here.

Following guidance from the government in regard to the definition of a key worker, we will assess which parents and carers meet this criteria. Using the information you provide in the questionnaire, we will make a decision on your status and get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Where can I find information about access arrangements?

Please read the ‘School Status’ pages on your child’s school’s website, which have been updated with headline information regarding access arrangements for next week.

You can find these pages by clicking the link in the top right-hand corner of the school website’s homepage