Family Activities and Well-Being

Text: Finding time to support each other and do things together will be invaluable for all the family. The importance of positive, face-to-face interactions cannot be underestimated.

Things that you might consider doing as a family:

  • Read together and discuss what you are reading (see the Reading page for more information).
  • Support your child with a Personal Interest Project - maybe even do your own!
  • Talk with your child about their home learning.
  • Exercise together!
  • Write quizzes together and do them as a family.
  • Play a board game together (chat as you do it - it isn’t about the board game...).
  • Play a computer game together (don’t worry if you aren’t any good at computer games - just do it together and be ready to laugh at yourself!).
  • Cook together! Jamie Oliver has some great tips and recipes you could try.