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2 April 2019
An Employer to be Proud of

An Employer to be Proud of

At The White Horse Federation, we understand that every colleague is here for the best interests of the children. We passionately believe that by working together, our Trust enables children to have a higher quality of education, and that, as colleagues, our staff also benefit from, and reap the rewards of, a values-based organisation where they are also not left behind.

As a values-based organisation, we have made a set of promises for the ultimate benefit of the children and families served by our schools. These eight promises are:

  1. We will all talk straight and ensure information is communicated effectively.
  2. We will be clear about everything we do, right wrongs, and show loyalty.
  3. We will take responsibility for our part in the success of TWHF by respecting and understanding the vision and values and knowing how we have made a difference.
  4. We will make sure everyone feels included in the decision-making of our organisation and is accountable for their actions and contribution.
  5. We will listen to all members of TWHF community, keep our promises, and earn each other’s trust.
  6. We will have a relentless focus on being the best that we can be in all that we do.
  7. We understand that we are all learners and that continuous learning helps us all grow as individuals and strengthens our organisation.
  8. We will work together, collaboratively, at all times to solve our problems, address our issues, improve our communications, share our ideas, and develop a culture of learning within the trust.

The White Horse Federation takes a values-based approach to teaching, using the same values that guide our organisational culture to govern our teaching ethos as well. This approach creates a strong learning environment that enhances academic attainment and helps students develop social and interpersonal skills that last throughout their lives. Values are principles that drive behaviour, direct our actions and attitudes, influence our relationship with ourselves and others, and become our framework for living.

The wide range of positive human values encouraged in The White Horse Federation's schools include patience, respect, fairness, tolerance, compassion, and collaboration.

A positive learning environment is achieved through the values modelled by staff throughout each school. This approach quickly liberates teachers and students from the stress of confrontational relationships, which frees up substantial teaching and learning time. Values-based education also provides social capacity to students, equipping them with the interpersonal skills, intelligence, and attitude needed to succeed at school and throughout their lives.

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