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1 March 2019 |
National Offer Day 2019: Everything You Need to Know

National Offer Day 2019: Everything You Need to Know

Today is the day that many parents and year 6 students have been waiting for — National Offer Day. Secondary school place offers are being received by applicants all across the country.

If you submitted an application online, you will have received your child’s allocated school place via email to the address you used to submit the application. If you applied using a paper form, you will have received your child’s allocated school place in the post.

How Do I Accept the Offer?

The method of accepting the offer is dependent on two factors: how you applied and which local authority the school resides in. Below is a quick guide on how to accept the offer for The White Horse Federation’s schools in each authority:

Swindon — If you requested an email to advise you of the offer, you will have received it on National Offer Day. If you are unsure how to accept the offer, please contact the Swindon Council admissions team via email at [email protected]. If you are not happy with the school you have been offered and wish to submit a change of preference, you will be able to do this online, after National Offer Day.

Reading — No matter if you submitted an application online or via the post, you will need to login in to your account on the Reading Borough Council Self website to accept the place. Please note, if you submitted the application through the post, you will need the student ID number given on the offer letter.

Wiltshire — All offers are sent by letter, even offers sent in response to an online application. This letter will contain information on how to accept your offer.

Gloucestershire — If you applied online, you will be notified of the place offer via email. Alternatively, you can login to your online account and view the school allocation. Once you have accessed your account, you will be able to accept the place. If you submitted a paper application via the post, you will be notified by letter. To accept the place, complete and return the reply form.

How Do I Appeal Against a Refusal?

In the event that you have not been offered a place at a school you applied for, you do have the option of appeal. The appeals process also differs depending on the local authority that the school is in.

Swindon — The process for appeals will be detailed in the letter you receive notifying you of the refusal decision. To appeal, you must complete an appeal form, setting out the reasons for your appeal and including any supporting documents. Additional supporting documents may be submitted at a later date, providing they are received at least six working days before the date of your appeal hearing.

For further details, visit the Swindon Borough Council appeals page.

Reading — John Madejski Academy is The White Horse Federation’s sole primary school in the Reading local authority. Unlike other schools, JMA controls its own appeals process, so any appeal you wish to make for a place at JMA should be done so directly through the school.

Wiltshire — Appeals for unsuccessful applications for academy schools in the Wiltshire local authority must be sent directly to the school, as they are responsible for administering their own appeals.

Gloucestershire — All secondary schools and academies in the Gloucestershire local authority operate their own appeals processes, and that includes The White Horse Federation’s Gloucester Academy and The Peak Academy. If you are unsuccessful in your application for a place at GA or The Peak, and you would like to lodge an appeal, contact the relevant school directly.

Looking Forward to September 2019

At The White Horse Federation, we hope that your child received a place at their school of preference, and we are excited to welcome them into our family in September.

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