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16 April 2019
National Primary Place Offer Day: Everything You Need to Know

National Primary Place Offer Day: Everything You Need to Know

Today is national primary place offer day, meaning parents around the country will be receiving information on their child’s school applications in the coming days. If you applied for a place at one of The White Horse Federation’s fantastic primary schools, we’ve put together a guide on how to accept, or appeal, the offer.

How do I Accept the Offer

The process for accepting an offer may differ depending on which local authority the school involved resides in. Find the local authority relevant to your application for guidance on accepting the offer.


If you submitted an online application and requested an email to advise you of the offer, you will receive it today. Any other offers will be sent today by second-class post, meaning you should receive it in the coming days. Please follow the instructions on the email or letter to accept the offer. If you have any queries, email the Swindon Council school admissions team at [email protected].


Offers will be communicated by email or letter. If your offer is due to be sent via email, you will receive it today. If your offer is to be delivered through the post, it will be sent by second-class post today, meaning you will receive it in the next few days. To accept the offer, please follow the instructions on the email or the letter. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the Oxfordshire County Council school admissions team on 0345 241 2487 or submit a query via their website.


No matter if you submitted your application online or through the post, you will receive an offer letter. Attached to the offer letter will be an acceptance slip that should be returned to the local authority before the deadline. If you applied online, you can check the status of your application today through the Wiltshire Council admissions facility.


If you submitted an application online, you can view the outcome today by logging into your Reading Council self-service account. If you did not apply online, your offer will be sent out today via second-class post, meaning it will reach you in the coming days. Please follow the instructions on the letter or your online account to accept the offer. If you have any queries, please contact the Reading Borough Council school admissions team on 0118 937 3777.

How do I Appeal Against a Refusal?

In the event that your application has been refused, you do have the right to appeal. The appeals process differs depending on the local authority and the school that you applied for.


The process for appeals will be detailed in the letter you receive notifying you of the refusal decision. To appeal, you must complete an appeal form, setting out the reasons for your appeal and including any supporting documents. Additional supporting documents may be submitted at a later date, providing they are received at least six working days before the date of your appeal hearing.

For further details, visit the Swindon Borough Council appeals page.


For community schools, the responsibility for appeals rests with the local council. You will be sent an appeal form if, when you applied for a school place, you were not offered a place in the school of your choice.

Appeals are heard by an independent panel. A decision by an appeal panel on whether or not to offer a school place is binding on the admissions authority. If your appeal for an Oxfordshire community school is unsuccessful, you may not appeal for the same school within one academic year unless there has been a material change in your circumstances.

For more information, visit the Oxfordshire County Council appeals page.


If you have not secured a place at your preferred voluntary controlled or community school, you must appeal to Wiltshire Council within 21 days of the date of your refusal. You can download the form to appeal against a school admission decision or contact the council’s customer services on 01225 713010 to request a paper copy.

If you have been unsuccessful in securing a place at a voluntary aided or foundation school, or an academy, you must contact the school directly as they are responsible for administering their own appeal arrangements. Some schools may require you to make an appeal within a strict timescale, so it is important that you contact them as soon as possible.

If you have been refused a place at a Wiltshire school but do not live in the county, you must contact Wiltshire Council's school admissions team on 01225 713010 for details of how to appeal.


St Mary & All Saints CE Primary School handles its own appeals process following unsuccessful admission applications. To register an appeal, please contact the school directly on 0118 901 5545 or via email at [email protected].

Looking Forward to September 2019

At The White Horse Federation, we hope that your child received a place at one of our excellent primary schools and we are excited to welcome them into our family in September.

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