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8 October 2018
Promoting Walk to School Month Across TWHF Schools

Promoting Walk to School Month Across TWHF Schools

Throughout the month of October, pupils at The White Horse Federation’s schools will be encouraged to make their morning journey on foot to celebrate International Walk to School Month.

As part of the Walk to School Campaign, which is run by the government-backed charity Living Streets, International Walk to School Month promotes a range of health and environmental benefits that fit seamlessly with some of our key values.

Lead an Active and Healthy Life

Each of our schools is committed to maintaining the health of our pupils. Childhood obesity is a growing problem, and we understand the role we have in encouraging and inspiring our students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Walking to school every day is a great way to start the morning and get some exercise. This doesn’t just enforce important short-term health benefits, however. By emphasising the value of exercise early in a child’s life, we can help to establish good habits for later life.

Environmental Responsibility

Although the various health benefits that come with walking to school are welcome on a personal level, it also has a wider effect. Increasing the number of children travelling to and from school on foot will subsequently reduce the number of cars on the road either side of school hours.

The primary result of fewer parents completing the school run in a car is a significant reduction in the harmful air pollutants being funnelled from vehicles’ exhausts into the atmosphere, while it will also minimise traffic congestion.

A Worthy Cause with Many Benefits

International Walk to School Month is a fantastic opportunity to promote an active lifestyle while having a positive effect on the environment. In fact, you could say that this change in routine is good for everyone’s health, including the planet’s.

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