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9 September 2019 |
Supporting Our Schools to Achieve Record-Breaking Results

Supporting Our Schools to Achieve Record-Breaking Results

For those of us in education, there is no prouder or more exhilarating moment than results day. Those happy occasions when the time, effort, and commitment to learning shared by staff and pupils is rewarded are among the best, most memorable moments in a career of education.

Proud to Support Our Schools

It’s no different for us here at The White Horse Federation. We recently enjoyed watching A-level and GCSE students across our schools receive positive results this year. It’s a delight to see the joy of young people who’ve seen their determination rewarded with exemplary results. It’s also a thrill to see the care, skill, and dedication of our teaching and support staff yield incredible outcomes that mean our young people have what they need to take their next step in life.

We take no small measure of pride in knowing that we have played a part in supporting our schools as they work with young people to secure excellent outcomes. After all, everyone within our federation family does what they do because they feel so passionately about helping young people achieve success.

Record Breaking Achievement

It has been a particular joy to see the record-breaking success achieved by Devizes School & Sixth Form College this year.

Such outstanding results are a testament to the teaching and support staff at Devizes School, particularly because they have been attained in spite of the now-ageing condition of the school’s building - something we have been thinking closely about in recent months.

Creating the Best Environment for Learning

At The White Horse Federation, we believe that the school environment should be a reflection of the outstanding practice taking place within our schools.

School buildings should help create an environment where attaining excellence is possible, and give both learners and educators the freedom to pursue a range of activities in support of the learning journey.

That’s the vision we hold for all of our schools, from Gagle Brook Primary School, whose first-class school environment gives children an incredible start to their education, to Whitelands Academy, our up-and-coming Bicester secondary school being built with world-class learning environments in mind.

We have the same vision for Devizes School - which, in the face of its record-breaking results this year, is sure to see an increased demand for places both from local families and those further afield.

Presently, the school’s curriculum is delivered around the limitations of its ageing building, meaning these excellent results were achieved in spite of - not because of - the school environment. We refuse to be complacent when it comes to our ambition to make our schools even better, so we’re examining how we can refurbish and re-energise the Devizes School building to ensure these incredible accomplishments are built upon long into the future.

As we explore how best to achieve this goal, we welcome the feedback of our community to ensure we fully deliver on our shared goal: to continue improving outcomes for the young people in our area.

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