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6 May 2021 |
The White Horse Federation Around the World Challenge 2021 Roundup

The White Horse Federation Around the World Challenge 2021 Roundup

About two months ago, the White Horse Federation announced plans to run an exercise challenge to bring staff across the federation closer together while getting fit and active, and working towards a common goal.

Since then, we’ve been truly blown away by the enthusiasm, togetherness, and athletic prowess of all our staff who took part in The White Horse Federation Around the World Challenge.

In this roundup, we’ll break down some of the outstanding achievements of our staff.

In total, we:

  • Had over 544 participants
  • Spent in excess of 391 days being active
  • Covered 59,898.4 miles
  • Walked over 34.5k miles
  • Cycled over 17k miles
  • Ran over 7.7k miles
  • Swam, rowed, or paddle boarded over 350 miles
  • Crawled over 120 miles (somehow!)

As well as covering an almost incomprehensible distance, many staff also took part in the many themed events across the month. We had great fun seeing staff dressed as daffodils on St David’s Day, great support for our NHS on international Vaccination Day, and some very brave participants taking the plunge for World Water Day!

While we were all working together towards our common goal, there was some fierce competition between the teams. Below we’ve highlighted some of the results:

Top Team Total Miles:

1. The Peak Academy Globetrotters: 5946.2 Miles

2. Drove Dynamos: 5095.74 Miles

3. West Kidlington Army: 4121.5 Miles

Top Team Average Miles:

1. The Peak Academy Globetrotters: 169.89

2. West Kidlington Army: 158.52

3. Drove Dynamos: 145.59

Top Total Points:

1. The Peak Academy Globetrotters: 5202

2. Drove Dynamos: 4797

3. The Big March (St Luke’s Academy): 4469

Top Average Points:

1. The Big March: 171.88

2. The Peak Academy Globetrotters: 148.63

3. Drove Dynamos: 137.06

All in all, this initiative has been more successful than we ever anticipated and we would like to thank everyone who took part, whether it was putting in the heavy miles on the bike, getting out with your dogs each evening, or simply cheering everyone on.

We have a wonderful community at The White Horse Federation, and it’s so great to be reminded of this in such an emphatic way.

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