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4 July 2019
TWHF Pupils Collaborate at Online Safety Workshop

TWHF Pupils Collaborate at Online Safety Workshop

Yesterday, The White Horse Federation hosted a collaborative event for its Swindon primary schools that promoted the importance of being safe online.

Taking place at Moredon Primary and Nursery School, the workshop involved a variety of activities that raised the children’s awareness of online safety and improved their understanding of how to stay safe while using the internet.

Pupils and staff from various TWHF schools attended the event. While staff benefited from sharing their knowledge of online safety and the techniques they use to teach children, the pupils also enjoyed collaborating with their peers from different schools.

The activities that took place during the workshop are an excellent way to get children thinking about online safety. Additionally, having taken part in the activities, the staff involved can recount them at their own school, spreading good practice across the federation.

At The White Horse Federation, we appreciate the role our schools have to play in educating children on the subject of online safety. Recently, we were recognised for our work in the field, but we are continuing to focus our efforts in this area.

The pupil online safety collaboration is just one of the many joint events our schools have access to as part of The White Horse Federation. We take great pride in fostering a family atmosphere among our schools and creating a community that works together, discusses best practice, and shares knowledge and expertise. In doing so, we make sure that our schools can achieve much more together than they ever would alone.

We would like to thank Moredon Primary and Nursery School for hosting the event and also for providing the resources to make sure the workshop was a success.

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