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5 October 2018 |
World Teachers' Day: Recognising our Excellent Staff

World Teachers' Day: Recognising our Excellent Staff

It is often said that an organisation is only as good as its people. On World Teachers’ Day, we’re taking the opportunity to recognise the hard work, dedication, and brilliance of the teachers who work within our Trust. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the importance of delivering top-quality education.

Alison Capstick, Director of Primary Education at The White Horse Federation, said: “For educators, the title of World Teachers’ Day doesn’t quite sum up entirely what the day is about. As well as being a day to acknowledge the work teachers do worldwide, and a time to reflect on the importance of education in society, at the very heart of World Teacher’s Day are the youngsters our teachers work with. World Teacher’s Day is as much about the continuing endeavour to provide young people with the best education possible as it is about the committed people making it happen.”

The White Horse Federation is grateful for each and every one of its teachers every single day, but we would like to take this opportunity to highlight our gratitude.

Success Built by Teachers

Collectively, our schools have more than 2,000 members of staff, including a wealth of passionate, committed teachers who work hard every day to improve the lives of the children in their school. Without the exceptional teachers and staff in The White Horse Federation family, we would not be able to deliver such an excellent education for pupils and achieve our goal of improving outcomes for young people.

A Full-time Job

There is a common misconception that a teacher’s day finishes when the final school bell rings, but as any teacher will tell you, that is not the case. Many hours outside of school are spent marking work, planning lessons, and contributing to extra-curricular activities. These long working hours also come with an array of pressures, and it takes unwavering dedication to thrive in such a crucial and impactful role.

Thank You

The White Horse Federation is proud to have so many talented teachers in its family. Developing the next generation is a difficult and time-consuming job, but our schools continue to provide first-class education and support for children every year. It is the teachers that make this possible, and to them, we say this — thank you!

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