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Preparing All Students for Life After School

Our Goal / Preparing All Students for Life After School

For many years, the UK schooling system has been biased towards academic proficiency, placing an ever-increasing importance on achieving the highest grades possible. The result is a reduction in the employability skills of secondary school leavers and a wealth of young people who are unsure about how their knowledge and skills translate into the working world.

At Devizes, we want to become a school that prepares all students for the next stage of their lives, whether that involves further education, an apprenticeship, or a full-time job. Your business could help us make the difference.

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The Challenge / Inspiring brighter futures

Every student at our school holds a unique future in their hands depending on their aptitudes, and desires. It is our job to make sure our careers provision inspires them to follow a suitable path. With your help, we can guide our students to brighter futures.

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The Solution / Aspiring

As part of our careers support, we want to bring more tailored learning opportunities to students and better prepare them for the world of work.

We want to do this to inspire our students, raise their aspirations, and provide first-hand experience of the careers available to them. These three aims are expanded into a variety of goals.

To maximise the impact of our careers support on our students, we require businesses to contribute toward some of the most important activities. Whether you offer time, expertise, or resources, your business will be investing in the future workforce and demonstrating a fierce commitment to the education of young people.

Over the past year, we’ve developed the full capacity to work remotely with business partners to deliver enrichment to our students. While initially introduced as a necessary measure due to the pandemic, the benefits of working with our students remotely remain.

Through remote working, you can help influence our students as the workers of tomorrow at minimum time and financial cost. More details about how you can work remotely with us are included below.

In the PDFs below, you will find information about each activity, the benefits your involvement will have, and how you can get involved.

You can also contribute to our careers provision remotely. Through the work of our IT team, the majority of the activities listed above can also be carried out remotely via video conferencing software. For example, we have hosted guest assembly speakers in individual classrooms via video call and are even organising remote work experience for all of years 10 and 12 this year.

Working remotely with our students not only saves you time, travel expenses, and administrative work, it also helps our students get accustomed to how remote working themselves, a useful skill as more and more businesses adopt this approach.

If you’d like to contribute remotely, get in touch by calling 01380 724886 or email [email protected], and we can discuss the possibilities.

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