Other Questions

What is face-to-face support?

Face-to-face support refers to the delivery of teaching by a member of staff on a direct, in-person basis, rather than over a video or audio call. At our school, teachers will provide face-to-face support from a safe distance to ensure that all safety guidelines are followed.

Can my child come to school even if they aren’t in one of the selected year groups?

No, they cannot, unless you are a key worker or they are a vulnerable child. The school will only be open to students in year 10 and 12, vulnerable children, and the children of key workers.

Does my child have to wear a school uniform?

The school will be in contact with parents shortly to confirm whether or not students in year 10 and year 12 will be expected to wear school uniform upon their return.

Will after-school clubs start again?

No, they will not. At this stage, we are regrettably unable to offer an after-school provision for students. This may, however, change in the following weeks if our staffing resources allow.