Moving from middle to senior leadership requires a mind-set shift to whole school thinking. This will support new and aspiring senior leaders with the mind-set shift to whole school thinking and equip them with the skills to manage complex teams and competing priorities whilst maintaining focus on keeping students at the centre.

Course Details


Course details

Course participants will take part in the sessions listed on the right.

Who it is for?

This course programme is aimed at new and aspiring senior leaders seeking the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to positively influence and impact the teams they lead.

Where and when?

Courses will be delivered through a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions. Date and time to be confirmed.


One two-hour session per week.

This module will help you to develop your own personal and professional readiness for senior leadership.

Aims of the module:

  • Reflecting on what may be different about senior leadership roles.
  • Discussing concerns and potential challenges.
  • Reflecting on our professional journeys and how these experiences have prepared us for the role.
  • Evaluating our own strengths and areas for development.
  • Becoming more self-aware, more emotionally intelligent.
  • Reflective leadership coaching.

This module will help you to consider your own leadership vision and reflect upon the importance of building a positive culture to achieve results.

Aims of the module:

  • Your own leadership vision, moral purpose and values.
  • The importance of vision alignment.
  • How culture contributes to high performance.
  • Differences between strategic leadership and management.
  • Leadership approaches and styles and their application.
  • Characteristics of strong schools.

This module will help you to develop an understanding of planning and effecting change within your organisation.

Aims of the module:

  • Implications for leading in a time of constant change.
  • Theories and models to support effective change management.
  • How we can lead change and manage complexity.
  • The difference between ‘wicked’ and ‘tame’ problems.
  • How they can apply the learning in their contexts.

This module will help you to develop a theoretical and practical understanding of leadership, motivation and influence.

Aims of the module:

  • The three circles model of leadership.
  • Theories of motivation and how we can motivate others.
  • The power of influence, how we can influence others and how others influence the work we do.
  • Strategic leadership for school improvement.

This module will help you to develop an understanding of school budgets, finance and human resource issues.

Aims of the module:

  • Some key principles related to financial management in schools.
  • How schools are funded and how finance is managed.
  • How schools can save money and generate income.
  • The role a senior leader plays in HR issues and the skills they need to do this.
  • How they can build on and apply the learning in their contexts.

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