COVID-19 FAQs for Staff

Over the past few weeks, the working life and patterns of everyone at The White Horse Federation has changed dramatically. In order to help our staff maintain a clear understanding of all aspects of how the trust is operating during this period, we have built a list of the most frequently asked questions from staff. This will supplement the Important Information for Staff page where key details can be found.

If you have any queries, please first refer to these FAQs. If you still haven't found an answer to your question, you can then get in contact with the relevant members of the federation.

Based on the questions being received, this page will be updated and added to on an ongoing basis.

The questions have been divided into the following sections:

Marketing and communications: This section details what you need to know about using the services of the marketing team. For example, you can refer to this section when you want to upload material to the website or home learning pages.

Technological Issues & IT Support: For technical questions and issues relating to home working, and making use of TWHF IT support team, please refer to this section.

Home Learning: For questions relating to the school’s provision of home learning.

Key Worker Provision: For questions relating to the provision of school childcare for children of key workers.

Vulnerable Child Provision: For questions relating to support for EHCP, SEN, and vulnerable children.

Human Resources: For questions relating to HR that are not covered in the Important Information for Staff page.

Free School Meals: For questions relating to the continued provision of free school meals to those who are eligible.

Other: For questions that do not fit into any other category.

For questions relating specifically to COVID-19 health concerns, please refer to the health information page: COVID-19 Health Information