FAQs about Finances and Payments

FAQs for Suppliers & Regarding Payments

How do I get in contact with Accounts Payable ?

The AP team is still working, but we have had to set them up remotely. As a result we cannot take phone calls right now, so please email them you query at the following address [email protected]

How do I know you have received my Invoice ?

As we are based offsite right now, we only have sporadic access to physical mail. If you have an invoice that needs to be processed, please send it to [email protected].

We remind all suppliers to have on their invoices the appropriate Purchase Order number on it, in order to allow the team to process the invoice.

What happens if I have forgotten my Purchase Order number ?

Please liaise with your original point of contact within TWHF to receive it.

What if I don't put my Purchase Order number on the Invoice ?

If a PO number is not included, given how we are now working from home, there is a distinct possibility we cannot process your invoice.

Will I still be paid given the schools are closed ?

Although schools are closed for most pupils, the Accounts Payable function is a Centralised TWHF team. We are still working normally, albeit remotely. As a result, you will still be paid.

General Finance Queries

I've emailed, but not had a response yet. Why ?

As you can imagine, moving to a workspace where we cannot take phone calls, does mean that email traffic is extremely high. We can assure you that emails are being received, and we will respond appropriately.

I am waiting for a refund on parent pay - who do I contact ?

We are working with each of our schools, who will be contacting parents about refunds. If you have not had contact with your school admin team, please do so.

If I have a more general finance query - how do I get in contact ?

As with the Accounts Payable team, the central finance team are also working from home now, currently without access to telephones. Please contact them on [email protected] and they will be able to respond to your query.