FAQs about Marketing and Communications

How do I get something added to the website?

The school website is a great way to communicate with parents, children, and members of the school community. Requests for material to be added to the school website should be directed to [email protected]. In order to assist the marketing team, please provide as much information as you are able regarding where on the website the material should be uploaded. The marketing team will action the request as soon as possible, or they may contact you if they have any further queries. The marketing team is currently updating school websites frequently, so please be aware that non-urgent update requests may not be actioned immediately.

What do I do if I receive a request from the press?

If you receive a request from a member of the press, please contact the marketing team at [email protected]. The team will liaise with you about how best to respond and can write a statement on the school’s behalf if necessary. Please do not respond to press requests yourself before contacting the marketing team.

What can I do if I have a good news story that the school could share?

During this extraordinary period, many people around the country have made some amazing efforts to help those around them and support the vulnerable. It is important that these efforts are recognised and celebrated. If you have been involved in any particularly noteworthy efforts or know others involved with your school have gone the extra mile, and you would be happy for this to be promoted on the school communications channels, please contact the marketing team at [email protected].