FAQs about Vulnerable Children

Parents and carers of children with an EHC plan, or is SEN / vulnerable who have questions about the education and support they will be able to access during the COVID-19 lockdown, are advised to follow this link for the current government guidance;

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance on vulnerable children and young people

Do parents of vulnerable children have the right to keep their children at home during this period?

Yes, if parents and carers can look after their child at home and would prefer to do so during this period to ensure social distancing, they can; that is in line with government guidance.

What support are TWHF schools providing?

Our schools will liaise with parents and carers to provide support from a distance where this is possible, including access to therapists and other providers.

It is the responsibility of Local Authorities to arrange transport for EHCP /SEN / vulnerable children. Parents and carers are encouraged to contact their Local Authority for advice on whether this will be available to their child.