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TWHF colleagues support teacher training in Nepal this half term.

Posted on: February 13th, 2018

Last years TWHF Cycle Challenge fundraiser for Shamrock School, Nepal has enabled staff across the Trust to visit Shamrock School and support them with much needed teacher training.

Staff have chosen to give up their holiday’s to support the enhancement of teaching in Nepal and this half term saw the first team visit, Candida Hutchinson, Principal, The Croft Primary School and Jose Montero, PE Teacher, Gorse Hill Primary School.

Monday 12th Feb: Festival Day at Shamrock and children are allowed to wear non uniform. Candida states “The Shamrock School is an amazing place and lives and breaths Values based Education”.  “No words to describe this, such a nice school run by a nice team. Children are wonderful and hungry to learn at all times.” reports Jose

Tuesday 13th Feb: Assembly at 10 am every day. The’big brother/sister’ system ensures children are ready. The Nepali National Anthem is always sung.

lesson time…

Lunch time…


At 9 am and 4 pm every day, the children have a quiet study hour!

Last night of the Shivaratri Festival (Hindu festival celebrated annually in honour of the god Shiva) Celebrating with exploding sugar cane! “Literally, they heat the sugar cane and bang on the ground it to create an explosion!”

Wednesday 14th Feb: 

Mr M supporting the Environment, Health and Population lesson!

Mrs H supporting, no hang on, learning about trigonometry


Sharing feedback from lessons observed this week…


Thursday 15th Feb:

Best school photo!

Practising my Nepali – it means ‘the snake bit me’


I did manage to squeeze in a monastery visit early this morning too⛩


And for our last night we had a very emotional concert to say farewell


But today back to study!!



Want to get involved?

TWHF Colleagues, if you are an educator and would like to learn more about supporting teacher development at Shamrock School, Nepal. Please get in contact with Candida Hutchinson at The Croft Primary School or Richard Lewis at the Peak Academy. This opportunity has been made possible through fundraising last year and we would like to make every penny and visit count. aiming to provide these children the most effective and creative curriculum that all children deserve.

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