Applying to our schools

If you are considering applying to one of our schools, the best place to start is the school website. Visit Our schools page to see all our schools and navigate their websites, each school has a dedicated Admissions page. You can also find out more about open days, school facilities and find prospectuses to help you make an informed decision. Please see our Primary and Secondary Admission policies containing information about our oversubscription criteria and Pupil Attendance Numbers (PAN) for each school. These policies are reviewed and published annually in line with the Schools Admission code. 

View our Admission policies here:


Admission Policies 2025-26

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Admission Policies 2024-25

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Admission Policies 2023-24

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How to apply

You cannot apply to the school or the Trust directly. Primary and Secondary school places must be applied for through your local authority. Once an application is received by the local authority, they will liaise with the schools directly and on offer day, if you are successful in receiving a place, the school will then contact you to complete the Admission process. The guide below shows the key timings for Primary and Secondary Admissions for our schools. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at: [email protected]