Data Protection Officer (DPO)

As a federation we continually educate staff, check policies and processes to ensure we meet any new regulation or recommended compliance.

Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) is Lyn Rouse. Lyn is responsible for overseeing the White Horse Federations data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on how we can improve please contact Lyn using the Privacy Web Form (


Lyn Rouse - Head of GDPR and Projects


Information Asset Owner (IAO)

The Network Managers located in Secondary schools  supports the Head of GDPR by being an Information Asset Owner (IAO), the IAO will:

  • Be aware, monitor and check all data assets and processing activities within your school or department
  • Be involved with Subject Access Requests
  • Challenge security of IT systems and employees working practice
  • Identify risks for data protection and report these to the DPO for further investigation
  • Be a contact point for the Head of GPDR


Location School or Department IAO E-mail address
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHFIT Support Team (Swindon, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire) Simon Haynes [email protected]
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHFIT Support Team (Reading & Wiltshire) Sam Good [email protected]
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHF HR TBC TBC
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHF Finance Nikki White [email protected]
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHF Estates David Maine [email protected]
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHF Marketing Lisa Shearing [email protected]
Swindon - TWHF Central Services WHF Governance Liz Wilkins [email protected]
Wiltshire Bowerhill Primary School Chris Light [email protected]
Wiltshire Devizes School David Cooper / Ian Mullings [email protected]
Swindon Drove Primary School Bryony Bardwell [email protected]
Wiltshire Forest & Sandridge Primary School Scott James [email protected]
Oxfordshire Gagle Brook Primary School Luke Graham [email protected]
Swindon Gorse Hill School Candida Hutchinson [email protected]
Swindon Grange Infants School Elly Rushen [email protected]
Swindon Grange Junior School Hanna Gordon [email protected]
Swindon Haydon Wick Primary School Chris Neal [email protected]
Berkshire John Madejski Academy Mike Milner [email protected]
Wiltshire Larkhill Primary School Charlotte Harmer  [email protected]
Wiltshire Melksham Oak Community School Haris Hussain [email protected]
Swindon Moredon Primary & Nursery School Claire Leach [email protected]
Swindon Mountford Manor Primary School Helen Wollington [email protected]
Swindon Nylands Campus Paul Holroyd [email protected]
Swindon Rodbourne Cheney Primary School Lisa Davies [email protected]
Wiltshire Seend Primary School Emma Hembury [email protected]
Wiltshire Shaw CoE Primary School Thomas Brewer [email protected]


Southbroom Infants School 

Amy Edwards 

[email protected] 

Oxfordshire Southwold Primary School Luke Graham [email protected]
Wiltshire St George's School Emma Hembury [email protected]
Swindon St Luke's School Judith Buckingham [email protected]
Berkshire St Mary and All Saints CoE Primary School Matt Parting [email protected]
Wiltshire St Mary's Broughton Gifford Primary School Emma Hembury [email protected]
Swindon The Croft Primary School Elaine Murphy [email protected]
Wiltshire The Manor Primary School Michael Park [email protected]


The Ridgeway School 

Adrian Cush / James Livermore 

[email protected]

Swindon Tregoze Primary School Helen Tudor [email protected]
Oxfordshire West Kidlington Primary School Simon Isherwood [email protected]
Oxfordshire Whitelands Academy 

Carla Edwards 

[email protected] 

Wiltshire Zouch Academy Nina Johnson [email protected]


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Subject Access Request

Please complete this form with information regarding your Data Subject Access request: Privacy Web Form (

If you require guidance on this process please visit:

Below is a brief description of the type of request:

  • Right to Be Informed (Info request): the individual is seeking information that should have been provided to them in the privacy notice, or the notice itself
  • Right to Erasure (data deletion): the individual is requesting that their data be deleted and/or ‘forgotten’
  • Right of Access: the individual is seeking confirmation that their data is being processed; access to, or a copy, their data, or other supplementary information
  • Right to Rectification (update data): the individual is claiming that their data is inaccurate or incomplete, and is requesting that it is rectified
  • Right to Data Portability: the individual is requesting a reusable copy of their data, or to have the data transmitted to another entity
  • Right to withdraw consent (opt out): the individual is seeking to withdraw their consent to the processing of their data

If you would like to request your child education record please go to Privacy Web Form ( to complete the form, stating the child’s name in the additional information and select the Right of Access request.

Freedom of Information Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to access recorded information held by public sector organisations. Anyone can request information – there are no restrictions on your age, nationality or where you live. (Source:

Please complete the Privacy Web Form ( for your Freedom of Information requests.

We will endeavour to respond within the statutory 20 working days however, once the request has been investigated we will advise if any additional time or potential charges will be required.

Our school is committed to comply with the relevant legislation pertaining to a freedom of information request, and will follow the guidance set out by the information.