The National Institute of Teaching is now working with The White Horse Federation to jointly deliver our programmes from September 2023. 

“We are delighted to assume our role as Associate College for the NIoT, delivering programmes across the region to support ongoing teacher development."

“We are keen to ensure that our programme capture, exemplify and share the lived experience of teachers and leaders, and a significant strength of this partnership with the NIoT will be providing the opportunity for participants to build and share knowledge in a way that is respectful to their time, and above all, develops them as teachers and leaders to effectively serve the pupils in their schools.’

“We look forward to working with the NIoT as part of the network of Associate Colleges to ensure teacher development sits at the heart of education in south west region.”

Quote from regional principal of NIOT

“We are alive to the challenges that schools are facing right now, and we’re keen to be able to help through our targeted, flexible programmes. Our programmes offer a high degree of authentic, realistic exemplification from real schools.

“As well as playing a key role in the delivery of our programmes, The White Horse Federation will also contribute to their design, drawing on local expertise and knowledge. This ensures that programmes reflect their local contexts and the needs of the communities they serve. This partnership approach will enable us to extend our reach across the country, delivering targeted professional development where the need is greatest.”