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The White Horse Federation is a multi-academy trust (MAT). Its Certificate of Incorporation as a Private Limited Company (8075785) was issued on 18th May 2012.

Governance of The White Horse Federation falls within the responsibility of Members and the Board of Trustees


The primary function of the Members is to oversee the proper and effective operation of the Board of Trustees.

The Members meet at least twice a year and by invitation of the Board may attend one of the Board of Trustees meetings annually in a non-voting capacity.


Trustees, who are also Directors are responsible for:

  • Setting the vision and values, ethos, and strategic direction of the MAT.
  • The effective management of the Academies and other associated settings;
  • Financial, educational and academic performance and monitoring of all settings within TWHF;
  • Developing and implementing a risk management strategy and making major decisions about TWHF including its funding applications, capital initiatives and key contracts.
  • Ensuring the reputation of the MAT is continually strengthened and is not compromised.
  • Identifying terms of reference for the Board’s committees and the Local Governing Bodies, and ensuring these are reviewed.

Board of Trustees / Trustee Register 2019-20

NamePosition/OrganisationTerms of OfficeRegister of InterestDate interest was registeredMeeting attendance 2018-19
Ninna GibsonSalisbury Diocesan Board of Education Appointed Foundation Trustee12/12/2017 - 11/12/2021Director - W J Tatem Ltd02/01/20184 of 4
Businesses - Mr & Mrs M Gibson Farm Partnership02/01/2018
Professional Body - Magistrate Wiltshire Branch02/01/2018
Mr & Mrs Gibson/Trustee - GC Gibson Charitable Trust02/01/2018
Edward SpurrierMember Appointed Trustee09/07/2019 - 08/07/2022Chairman of Wavenet LTD14/10/2019
Chairman - Wireless Innovation LTD14/10/2019
Chairman - Advisory Board Fund TMT14/10/2019
Chairman - 7sfi LTD14/10/2019
Chairman - Mapston - on - Dove Estates LTD14/10/2019
Nick Capstick OBECEO18/05/2012Alison Capstick, Spouse - Head of T&L - TWHF07/10/20144 of 4
Member Appointed TrusteeRhys Jones, Nephew - WHFIT07/10/2014
TWHF Accounting OfficerNAHT – membership05/10/2015
Ian Jones Chief Operating Officer TWHF - Brother in law16/11/2015
Director - Queen Street Group - National Treasurer10/01/2018
Charlotte ChristieLGB Chair's Elected Trustee01/09/2018 - 31/08/2022Director: C Christie Education Ltd.27/09/20194 of 4
Christopher HoptonSalisbury Diocesan Board of Education Appointed Foundation Trustee08/01/2018 - 07/01/2020Business - Corrib Partnership10/10/20164 of 4
Director - A.M. Best European Rating Services Ltd10/10/2016
Director - Napier Court Freehold Ltd10/10/2016
Charity Trusteeship - The Voices Foundation/TWHF10/10/2016
Membership - Law Society14/10/2017
Richard LewisMember Appointed Trustee14/11/2019 - 13/11/2023Employee - TSB Bank PLC14/11/2019
Charlotte MacleodMember Appointed Trustee23/04/2018 - 22/04/2022Andrew Hall - husband, AHC Ltd, Coaching & training business24/04/20183 of 4
Lisa NelMember Appointed Trustee14/11/2019 - 13/11/2023Employee - Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling14/11/2019
Jilly NortonSalisbury Diocesan Board of Education Appointed Foundation Trustee01/01/2019 - 31/12/2022Partner - Norton Bespoke14/10/20192 of 2
Consultant - Covent Garden Academy of Flowers14/10/2019
Kingsley PoultonMember Appointed Trustee22/11/2019 - 21/11/2023Nil

Resigned with last 12 months

NamePosition/OrganisationTerms of OfficeRegister of InterestDate interest was registeredMeeting attendance 2018-19
Nick Van ZellerMember Appointed TrusteeResigned 21/10/2019FRICS14/07/20183 of 4
Simon McMurtrieSalisbury Diocesan Board of Education Appointed Foundation TrusteeResigned 31/08/2019Employee - Chairman of Riviera Tours Ltd and Acorne Ltd18/10/20174 of 4
Businesses - Thames Chairman & Consultancy Services Ltd30/08/2016
Directorship - Riviera Tours Ltd, Acorne, Thames CCS Ltd, Folio Holdings Ltd18/10/2017
Gavin BrayElected LBG Chair TrusteeResigned 31/08/2018Nil16/10/2017
Mike CollinsMember Appointed TrusteeResigned 31/08/2018Employee - NCTL06/10/2014
Employee - DfE Executive Agency05/10/2015
Director - Young Advisors Ltd05/05/2015
Civil Servant - DfE16/10/2017
Dr Fiona HammansMember Appointed TrusteeResigned 10/12/2018Nil1 of 1
Rob PageMember Appointed TrusteeResigned 10/12/2019Employee - H M Forces Army Officer29/08/2016
Membership - CMI16/10/2017

Members / Member Register 2019-20

NamePosition/OrganisationDate of AppointmentRegister of InterestDate interest was registeredMeeting Attendance 2018-19
Dr Fiona HammansMember01/09/2016CEO, Abingdon Learning Trust; Lead Consultant - Weeping Cross Consultancy; Member ASCL;1/10/20191 of 1
Paula Lender-SwainMember10/07/2017Employee - Microsoft Ltd06/07/20170 of 1
Spouse is contracted to Nyland and Moredon schools to deliver Play Therapist Services06/07/2017
Chartered Institute of Marketing - Institute of Directors23/10/2017
Dan RobertsSalisbury Diocesan Board of Education Member10/12/2018Foundation Governor Adviser for the Salisbury Diocese Board of Education10/12/20181 of 1

Resigned with last 12 months

NamePosition/OrganisationDate of AppointmentRegister of InterestDate interest was registeredMeeting Attendance 2018-19
Simon McMurtrieMember - Chair9/1/2016
(Resigned 01/07/2020)
Employee -Virgin Experience Days9/25/20199/25/2019
Employee - Riviera Travel10/18/2019
Businesses - Thames Chairman & Consultancy Services Ltd8/30/2016
Directorships - Virgin Experience Days, Thames CCS Ltd, Folio Holdings Ltd10/18/2017
Directorships - Wine and Spirit Education Trust, Academie Du Vin Library, Thames CCS and Folio9/25/2019
Charity Trusteeships - TWHF10/18/2017
Chairman - Scott Dunn9/25/2019
Ian CookeFounder MemberResigned 24/07/2018Managing Director - D A Cooke Wholesale Ltd08/11/2014
Local Governing Bodies

Governance / Local Governing Bodies

Each school has its own Local Governing Body (LGB).

The Board of Trustees has clearly identified the areas of responsibility it delegates to LGBs. Although not in any way legally responsible, and not itself accountable for statutory functions, the LGB has an important role to play in assisting the school to operate effectively in line with the wishes of Board of Trustees.

Every two years one of the Chairs is elected by fellow Chairs and then co-opted by Trustees onto the Board.


By working in partnership with us, you can help to support our local community and the economy.


Whether you have recently qualified as a teacher or have many years of experience, we can help you further your career.