On Friday 15th March, Our schools enthusiastically joined the nationwide celebration of Red Nose Day 2024, alongside the rest of the UK. Our schools actively participated in raising funds for Comic Relief, whose mission remains focused on alleviating poverty, violence, and discrimination on a global scale.

With a legacy dating back to 1984, Comic Relief continues to make a substantial impact. In 2023, they raised over £35 million, contributing to a cumulative donation of over £1 billion to various charitable causes. For further insight into how your support aids their endeavors, you can visit their website here: Comic Relief - What Your Money Does.

Red Nose Day holds significant importance within TWHF, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the quality of education and life chances for vulnerable communities. Moreover, it serves as a reminder that every child deserves to have the best life chances and that no child is left behind.

Our schools did "something funny for money", wore red for the day and other fundraising activites. There were custard pies at Drove Primary School, wearing red at St. Lukes, a charity cake sale at The Ridgeway School run by the Sixth form students, and lots of fun across the Trust.

We take immense pride in the dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by all our participating schools on Red Nose Day this year, witnessing the joy and camaraderie amongst the children (and adults) while contributing to such a worthwhile cause.