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Education and business. Better together.

The White Horse Federation believes that when schools and businesses work together, everybody benefits. By partnering with employers across our region, we’re creating opportunities that produce the best possible outcomes for young people.

And when our children have access to the opportunities and experiences they need to succeed, everybody shares in the result – local people, local businesses, and the local economy.

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Corporate Partnerships

Smart businesses invest in people, and there’s no better investment to make than in the workforce of tomorrow. A business of any size can contribute positively to the development of young people – and enjoy the return on investment when those young people become future employees and apprentices.

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CSR Opportunities

Research shows that companies who take on social responsibilities outperform their counterparts over time. What’s more, offering your staff exciting ways to give back to their community gives you a competitive advantage over other employers. Build your standing in the local community while helping young people on their path to success.

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