At The White Horse Federation, we believe that high quality training and development of our staff is crucial to continued improvement at all our schools.

As each member of staff is committed to doing their best every day, we are committed to giving them the opportunity to develop their career and learn new skills.

In this blog, we explain some of the different initiatives available to our staff looking to move up in the world of education.

Additional Qualification School-Based & Classroom-Focused CPD

All of our schools have their NQT programme tailored to their distinct setting. This is supported by external consultants and the School Improvement team.

The NQT programme includes one-to-one mentoring, regular coaching sessions, and even an introduction to future senior leadership possibilities.

Alongside the robust and well-supported NQT programme, all staff benefit from a dedicated learning management programme including a wide range of digital courses.

You can find out more about ongoing in-classroom training, and many testimonials from NQTs here.


We offer apprenticeships at all our schools. As well as being available to new starters in the federation, many of our staff have been able to move to more advanced positions within the trust through our apprenticeship scheme in which we partner with universities to provide excellent training.

The White Horse Federation contributes to the Apprenticeship Levy, which makes significant funding available to us to support apprenticeships within our schools. This makes it possible for schools to give training to talented staff to move into more qualified positions.

Since starting the apprenticeship programme, we have seen some real success among participants. Kate King from TWHF Central Offices recently started a new programme, saying:

“After finding a suitable course, I kicked it around a bit, after all I have been out of Education for a LONG time! I think it helped as Jayne has completed an apprenticeship herself so she was able to guide me first hand. I am now about 3 months in, and I feel that I have a clear direction of where I am going in terms of my portfolio and really enjoy the weekly learning sessions.”

You can find much more information, and testimonials on our apprenticeships webpage.

Leadership Development Courses

Good school leadership underpins success at our schools. It’s therefore invaluable for us to be able to develop school leaders internally.

For both primary and secondary teachers, we run a series of accredited courses tailored to different levels of development.

It’s common in school trusts around the country to look outside their staff base for new principals and leaders. By developing leaders internally, we show belief in our staff, while raising attainment and ambition at all levels.